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San Jose Episcopal Day School
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San Jose Episcopal Day School prepares students not only for the next step in their academic careers, but also for success and satisfaction in all areas of their lives.

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At San Jose Episcopal Day School our mission is to inspire a passion for learning, a life of integrity, and a heart for Christian service.

We believe that relationships are central to our learning community, and the relationships between students, teachers, and families are vital to the learning process. We value extraordinary teachers who support students in the discovery and development of their gifts and talents. We celebrate passionate, self-motivated, lifelong learners. To prepare students for success in an ever-changing world, we embrace learning experiences that allow students to develop creative problem-solving skills and critical thinking. We empower students to take a responsible role in their learning and support independent thought. We provide a safe and supportive environment, and encourage children to be adventurous, to take risks, and to view failure as integral to learning. We celebrate student effort and growth, embrace the value of the learning process, and promote perseverance and reflection.

We value the development of character and integrity above academic pursuits. We believe an integral component of our curriculum is spiritual development, which is woven throughout the fabric of our learning community. We promote students taking responsibility for their actions. We provide leadership opportunities for students so they may experience the power and potential of an individual’s influence on his or her community and the world. Above all, we encourage students to practice empathy and to be role models in treating others with compassion, love, and kindness.

We understand all persons are worthy of respect and dignity and believe we are all part of an interconnected world. We value diversity of thought, background, religion, and race, and know that diversity nurtures compassion and empathy. We live out our faith in a relational, caring manner and are responsible stewards of our world and environment, realizing that our local actions impact our global community. We experience the joy of making a difference for others through service learning. We recognize social involvement and sharing the Good News as hallmarks of our Episcopal identity.