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Jacksonville Children’s Chorus
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Provides a high-quality choral music education for children of diverse backgrounds, fostering teamwork, self-discipline, accomplishment and pride.

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Primary Choir - The Primary Choir curriculum is designed to prepare Kindergarten and first-grade children to become musical.

Training Choir - The Training Choir is open to boys and girls in second through fifth grades who love to sing. In weekly rehearsals, singers learn fundamental music theory and vocal technique but most importantly they have fun.

Treble Choir -  The Treble Choir is open to boys and girls in fourth through twelfth grades who perform at an intermediate level or are advancing Training Choir members. 

Concert Choir - The Concert Choir is an advanced choir, open to boys and girls by invitation only from the Artistic Director. The repertoire is challenging, including four-part harmony and multiple foreign languages. Musicianship training continues to build strong vocal and sight-reading skills.  

Touring Choir - The Touring Choir is for advanced singers ages 12-18. Twenty-four singers may be selected for this choir annually. Our premier performing group offers a stimulating, comprehensive and demanding choral repertoire requiring advanced musical skills.  

Young Men's Chorus - The Young Men’s Chorus serves young men ages 13-18 who have entered the voice expansion phase and who desire to continue singing. 

Other programs include:
Vocal Exploration 
Honors Choir Festival
Professional Development Workshop 
Preschool Music Programs:
    Free Sing and Play Discovery Day Classes
    First Steps in Music Course
Group Piano Classes