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Bloom Preschool offers art, music and fitness classes for preschool age children.  They also offer art classes for Autistic children. Classes are held around NE Florida at area community centers.

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Go Green Art Class Ages 3 – 5
This class uses a multi-sensory approach when creating eco friendly art. Every project created in this class is made with clean recycled materials. Let your child’s creativity come alive as they use their imagination to create an original masterpiece all while being environmentally friendly. 45 minutes weekly class.

Go Bloom Fit Class
This class is designed to promote healthy choices and active lifestyles in young children. The fitness exercise program will focus on perceptual motor skills, locomotor and nonlocomotor skills, nutrition and of course loads of fun. Staying fit is kids play. Join us for a fitness movement class designed by a personal trainer specifically for young children. 45 minutes weekly class.

Art for Autistic
This class is open to any one but uniquely designed for children dealing with autism. In this class we combine music and art as a unique sensory input to stimulate creativity and relaxation. This class will introduce tactile approaches to creating art. Your child will create art that is an expression of his/herself. This class can be therapeutic, but is simply for enjoyment for the child. 35 minutes weekly class.

Musical Me and Storytime
This class is a combination of music and stories. Students and caregivers will participate in singing songs, playing instruments, dancing and imaginative play. This class is designed to develop and strengthen early literacy, language development, listening, social skills, and early math skills through theme-related songs, poems, and stories. Expressive dancing, singing, and instrument play. This class is packed with so many benefits for early childhood development, all in a fun and invigorating setting. 45 minutes weekly class.

Art for 2 Ages
This class is for two year olds with a focus on their own creativity and socialization. Allow your two year old to create their own experience with art. 45 minutes weekly class.