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Arch Pilates offers a variety of pilates classes, including Babywearing Pilates at the Barre, Bendy Bodies Preschool Yoga/Pilates, and more.

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Babywearing Pilates @ the Barre: Wear your baby in this Mommy n Me Pilates at the Barre class. Half Mommy 'n Me Mat Pilates and half Pilates at the Barre while wearing your baby. Carrier must allow for proper squatting, knee bends, and leg kicks. Bring a rattle or toy to add visual stimulation and baby interaction. Baby blanket recommended. Babies 6 weeks to 16 weeks are welcome.
Pre/Post-natal Pilates: Emphasis on toning the pelvic girdle, opening the hip joints, and strengthening of the legs and arms in preparation for caring for your little one. Exercises will be modified based on your trimester. Instruction on proper body mechanics and self-treatment of postural faults that cause the aches and pains of pregnancy and post-pregnancy are included. 

Bendy Bodies Preschool: Yoga/Pilates for boys and girls, ages  2.5/3 years to VPK. Exercises will be taught in a relaxing, but nourishing environment. Children will explore nature as they practice postures like tree, dog, cat, cow, and turtle. Breathing exercises such as bunny breathing and ducky breathing will help children with calming techniques and lung capacity. Core strengthening will also help children with balance, agility, and coordination. If your child is transitioning from Mommy 'n Me, you can take the class to assist with the transition without a fee!

Family Fitness: This class is designed for families to work out together. A variety of fitness and Pilates moves will include squats, lunges, theraband, small weights, and other Pilates apparatus. The class supports family bonding and fun with Bendy Bodies moves that will keep your child engaged without even knowing they are doing Pilates. Ages 5-12.