Acton Academy Jacksonville

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Short Description

A blended Montessori-approached school that perceives children to be infinitely capable, creative and intelligent. The teachers support these qualities and challenge them in appropriate ways.

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Full Description

Acton Academy Jacksonville uses a one-room-schoolhouse approach. It offers families an education technology-enriched alternative to Montessori education and Reggio practices but also staying true to the Montessori & Reggio approaches. The school focuses students around a search for their life’s “calling". Teaching content through online game-based tools, Socratic discussions and face-to-face projects called “quests.”

Students are also encouraged to “find a calling that will change the world.” The idea of the ‘hero’s journey’ inspires the development of curriculum. They are a “learner driven education” where students are responsible for leading one another, designing their own learning.

Homeschoolers and Unschoolers are most welcome to join students for quests and projects.