About Us


Alison Peters-Carlson

Owner, Publisher, Editor
Alison created Jax4Kids to help parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles…anyone with kids, anywhere in North Florida to connect with enrichment opportunities and resources for families.
Alison has three daughters.


Angie King

Content Manager, Jax4Kids.com Events
Angie has been with Jax4Kids.com longer than anyone other employee. Angie oversees all of the events listed – our most popular destination on the website. She is the mother of three beautiful children.


Beth Canonica

Advertising Sales
Beth is a long-time member of the Jax4Kids.com team. When she is not helping clients, she is a dedicated community volunteer.



Donna Paunetto

Advertising Sales
Donna is a Mother to two young children and is a long time member of Jax4Kids.com advertising sales team.


Doug Berle

Advertising Sales
Doug is the father of four and grandfather of seven. Doug has a long history in Media Sales and when he’s not working with clients, he’s a Pastor.


Earol Aguilar

Graphic Designer
Earol designs ads and online graphics and content and assists with the distribution of Jax4Kids’ newspaper each month.


Jen Cramer

Distribution Manager
Jen oversees the distribution of over 150,000 copies of Jax4Kids.com’s print publication each month. Jen is also a Mother to four.


Judi Fields

Administrative and Sales Assistant
Mother of two boys. Judy assists with anything and everything for our website visitors, clients and sales staff.


Linda Bigbee

Graphic Designer and Content Manager, non-events
Linda has a BFA in Fine Art and is responsible for putting Jax4Kids’ newspaper together each month and managing all non-event content on Jax4Kids.com. She is the mother of a 6 year old son.


Mary Gustafson

Business Manager

Mary has a BS in Business Management from NCSU and is Jax4Kids’ Business Manager. She is the mother of 4 year old boy/girl twins and loving aunt to her niece with special needs.


Natasha Chapman

Associate Editor
Natasha was Jax4Kids.com’s first employee and rejoined Jax4Kids.com as the Associate Editor of the newspaper. She has a BA in English from UNF. Natasha has two sons.



Tim Jaskewicz

Tim lends his fabulous writing skills to Jax4Kids newspaper, researching and writing articles for Jax4Kids newspaper. Tim is a stay-at-home Dad and has three chlidren.